Visual Sound Route 66 - American Overdrive




  • Drive
  • Tone
  • Volume
  • Bass Boost (On/Off)
  • On/Off


  • Sustain
  • Tone
  • Gain
  • Tone Control (On/Off)
  • On/Off


Visual Sound about v1.0

Route 66 American Overdrive is sure to become as legendary as its namesake. With classic compression combined with classic overdrive modeled after the sound of the original TS-808 Tubescreamer (JRC4558 chip and all!), the Route 66 pedal gives you two great effects for the price of one. The two effects sound great on their own and can also be combined to compliment one another. In fact, probably the only complaints about the original Tubescreamer was that it did not have much sustain or bottom end. That won't be a problem with Route 66. Just combine the overdrive side with the compression side to get all the sustain you want. Add the Overdrive Bass Boost and give it that big cabinet sound. If you love the clean sound of your guitar and amp, but just want a clean boost, kick in the compressor with the Gain knob up a bit. We've added a pre-amp stage to the compressor to allow for a truckload of gain, with or without overdrive. Using Route 66 American Overdrive with a good tube amp is sure to make it sing! Classic.

  • Overdrive and Compression on two separate channels with individual tone controls.
  • Overdrive channel sounds like the original TS808 and even uses the JRC4558 op-amp.
  • Unique overdrive bass boost switch.
  • Compression channel can be set for fully squashed "Nashville" sound or very subtle compression.
  • Compressor also has an integrated pre-amp controlled by a Gain knob so you can get loads of clean gain without overdrive!
  • Combine the channels to heat up leads.

Visual Sound about v1.1

Here's what to look for in the latest version:

  • Thicker steel housing
  • Improved Pure Tone buffer circuit
  • Tone control bypass switch for Compressor so you can get those vintage Ross compressor tones if you prefer
  • Increased output volume for OD channel
  • Improved radio frequency protection
  • Upgraded capacitors throughout pedal
  • Upgraded Bass Boost switch
  • Upgraded packaging

Visual Sound about v2

In 1999, Visual Sound made the statement “Our Route 66 is sure to become as legendary as its namesake.” With the Kings of Leon and countless great guitarists using it ever since, the Route 66 from Visual Sound has become just that… a legend! Now the all new V2 Series Route 66 gives the same great tone guitarists have come to love, plus an added noise reduction system that gives you that quiet ride you’ve always wanted. Classic compression combined with Classic Overdrive - these two effects sound great on their own, but combine them together and get the ultimate compliment to one another in one pedal. New housing, new stomp switches designed by Bob Weil himself -- and an all-new, noise-free experience -- this version of the Route 66 has raised the bar for years to come.

Works great on bass too!

  • Dimensions: 5" x 6" (126 x 153mm)
  • Current Draw: 15-24mA

Visual Sound about v3

Visual Sound has completely re-invented the Route 66 pedal with the new V3 Series version. All new circuitry takes the best tones of previous versions and makes them even better, with far more versatility. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Completely re-invented Route 66 pedal, with new circuitry.
  • Compression and Overdrive in one box. Use together or separately.
  • Compression Clean Mix knob allows varying degrees of compression mixed with dry signal, and the ability to be used as a clean boost.
  • Same Comp, Tone (with on/off switch) and Volume knobs as previous Route 66 pedals.
  • Redesigned, quieter compression with more subtle noise gate circuit.
  • New overdrive channel based on the Reverend/GarageTone Drivetrain pedal, but with Clean Mix and Voice controls.
  • Overdrive Clean Mix knob allows for various blends of overdrive and dry signal, including all drive or all clean boost.
  • Voice switch chooses between bright and open, or more saturated overdrive.
  • Separate Bass and Treble knobs.
  • The V3 Route 66 sounds equally great with guitar or bass, and even with keyboards and other instruments!

V3 Series common attributes:

  • Each channel can be set to either True Bypass mode or buffered, via internal switches. The buffered mode utilizes Visual Sound’s Pure Tone circuit.
  • Features the custom designed Forever Footswitch rated for 10 million hits. This interacts with relays having gold-plated contacts.
  • Lifetime Warranty... even for second or third owners.
  • Separate inputs and outputs so each side of the pedal can be used in a loop device, or midi switcher. Also possible to reverse the order of effects with a patch cable. Just like having 2 pedals, but in 1 housing.
  • Small, pedal board friendly size, with front mounted jacks. Smaller footprint than 2 MXR or similar sized pedals.
  • Comes in a black velvet bag inside the package box.


myFXDB user reviews

2 reviews, average score of 6.75 / 10

2017-10-148.5/10  ......
2015-12-125/10  one of the first pedals i ever got. indestructible. didn't have much use for the compression side, and got more into fuzzes than overdrives.

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