Visual Sound H2O Liquid Chorus and Echo




  • Speed
  • Width
  • Delay Time
  • Norm/Lush (v2 only)
  • On/Off


  • Echo Time
  • Repeats
  • Effect Level
  • Short/Long
  • On/Off


Visual Sound about the v1

H2O Liquid Chorus & Echo continues the Visual Sound tradition of combining two professional quality effects into one reasonably priced pedal. First, you get liquid analog chorus created by using rare NOS BBD ("bucket brigade") chips. With controls for Speed, Width, and Delay Time, you can get an endless variety of chorus sounds from subtle to lush to under water. Then there's the echo channel. Up to 800ms of analog voiced, digital echo. You can switch from short to long echo times on the fly and dial in just the right settings with the familiar controls: Echo Time, Repeats, and Effect Level.

H2O even has a second output jack for sending a dry (uneffected) signal to a second amp. And if you prefer to have an effected signal going to your second amp, the pedal can be easily modified to accomodate that.

Like other Visual Sound pedals, you can use either channel by itself or combine them together. Just stomp on both switches at the same time to switch from one channel to the other or to turn them both on or both off. Come on in, the water's fine!

As of June 2004, the H2O Chorus channel will have an even sweeter sounding Chorus, and a faster Leslie speed potential. You can have your older H2O pedal upgraded to include these mods, and have the new Visual Sound BBD chips.

NOTE: Pre-upgrade H2O’s have knobs with blue indicators.

Visual Sound about the v2

Warm! Liquid! Lush! All words that accurately describe the new V2 Series H2O from Visual Sound. The new H2O gives all the same great tones guitarists have come to love over the years. Whether it's Chorus, Echo, or both... use each channel by itself, or combine them both just as you would two separate pedals! The Chorus channel is a wonderfully voiced effect for electric, acoustic, or bass guitar, using pure analog circuitry. At the heart of the Chorus circuit are custom designed Visual Sound “bucket brigade” chips. Use the Norm/Lush switch to set the overall style of Chorus and drift away on the H2O’s incredibly rich chorus. H2O’s Echo channel is a hybrid digital and analog circuit for the best of both worlds... you’ll be amazed at the long delay times with their warm, natural repeats. Add to it a second (non-effected) output jack for stereo amplifier setups and you have the best of all worlds in the H2O.

Works great on bass too!

  • Dimensions: 5" x 6" (126 x 153mm)
  • Current Draw: 41-55mA (depends on Echo Time setting)

Visual Sound about the v3 (press release):

Visual Sound introduces the all new H20 effect pedal.

The new V3 H20 is more than a mere re-boot of one of the finest dual pedals of all time: it is a carefully thought out complete redesign.

Spring Hill,TN January 24, 2014 - Visual Sound, a market leader in the guitar effects pedal arena, is releasing a new and improved version of their much loved H20 Chorus & Echo Pedal.

Available late March, 2014, the H20 boasts some amazing features. First off, It's an extremely versatile analog Liquid Chorus. The user has full control to create Stereo Chorus, Vibrato, or their own blend. Light, lush, Leslie, or pulsating out-of-this-world effects are all within reach. On the Echo side, the H20 offers warm, natural delay. The high quality delay that Visual Sound is known for is only a stomp away.

Other highlights includes a Pure Tone buffer on/off and separate Input and Output for each channel. This allows you to change order of effects, patch in a loop, or use a switching system. True Bypass is a much desired feature for today's guitarists, the H20 has reliable and silent True Bypass with Visual Sound's proprietary custom designed Forever Footswitch™ rated for 10 million hits.

As with all V2 Series pedals, Visual Sound backs up the H20, and all V3 Series pedals with a lifetime Lifetime Warranty.

The awareness campaign for the H20 starts today to coincide with the Winter NAMM 2014 trade show currently happening in Anaheim, CA. Visual Sound Marketing Director, Jamie Rowe, says: "We are doing a soft launch today to initiate a word-of-mouth buzz and look forward to the full scale media campaign that will accompany the H20's release in March. All of us at Visual Sound are very excited about this pedal!”


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