Virtones vPed Virtual Pedal Board




Pedal board for live use that allows working in real time with VST/VSTi plugins

With vPed you can use the numerous plug-in available in VST and VSTi formats, taking advantage from the traditional method of using analog equipment. Your very own virtual pedal board.

Load tons of plugins (free and paid ones) to jump right into the music. Possibilities are incredibly extensive and all this will result in new musical stimuli especially during live performances, allowing you to greatly enhance your musical creativity.

Caution is advised using vPed, because... it can be addictive?

Very attractive for guitar/bass players and keyboard players as well as singers

  • Up to 8 slots assignable to VST / VSTi pugins, activated/deactivated by footswitches
  • Change Vst/VSTi effect by pressing the switches on the pedalboard
  • 4 Expression/value pedal inputs, up to 4  ON/OFF foot switches inputs and and 4 virtual switches, all assignable to any plugin parameter
  • USB ports available
  • MIDI capabilities to connect a midi keyboard
  • Data stored on a solid state drive
  • Quickly modify your chain effects
  • Capability to activate all plugins or one plugin at a time

and much more facilities for VST / VSTi plugins live use.

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