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Vintage Tone Project

  • Based on the famed Dallas Rangemaster® circuit
  • Add sparkle, sheen, add definition to your guitar's sound
  • Sweet smooooth distortion. Pushes your tube amps sound; doesn't ever destroy it.
  • This baby enhances your subtle playing nuances and she never hides them. Superb response to your playing and picking dynamics.
  • Boost increases with frequency. The higher up the neck you play, the more boost you get. Perfect for your solos.
  • Equally friendly to both humbuckers and single coils.
  • Built to survive the abuse of the road.


  • Authenticate vintage circuit design
  • Five tone selector switch
  • New old stock germanium transistor
  • Super bright blue led
  • Solid aluminum pedal box
  • True by-pass switching
  • Two year warranty
  • Completely hand-crafted in the USA.

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