Vintage Tone Project KGB Killer Guitar Booster


Vintage Tone Project

  • Super-high impedance BS-170 Mosfet booster (not based on the Jack Orman AMZ Booster, like the majority of boutique boosters on the market)
  • Prevents any loading of your guitar's pickups.
  • Breaths new life and sparkle into your guitar's pickups.
  • Huge levels of clean boost, preserving a perfectly transparent yet more lively sound, true to your guitar and playing nuances.
  • Crisp, defined distortion. Crank the level to full out - get a huge boost and a killer distortion.
  • Compact design (takes up preciously little real estate on a pedal board)
  • Built to survive the road. (We know what you do out there to your gear)
  • Standard boss®-style ac adapter jack.

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