VintageFX HDSF Heavy Deavy Skull Fuzz



This Pedal was developed for Bobby Hecksher of the Warlocks. It’s a Fuzz & Distortion; 2 in one pedal, loosely based on a Fuzz Face & MXR Distortion+ specs. All white powder-coated, Hammond 1590BB enclosure with glow in the dark knob indicators. Bobby wanted a clear fuzz, a clear distortion, tight knobs designed with the live setting in mind. This pedal cuts through at high volume and when combined give players a “boosted” saturated sound.


  • Sturdy 1590BB style enclosure.
  • Super bright LED indication.
  • True Bypass -3PDT Switch.
  • Machined aluminum knobs.
  • 9vdc Boss style adapter jack.

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