VintageFX PhaseDriver


VintageFX (2004-2005)

Truly one of the most unique pedals VintageFX has to offer. The phase on this pedal does not oscillate like most traditional Phase pedals. Instead there is a knob that controls the position in the phase sweep. Find a sweet spot that you like & you have instant signature sound. You can get that sweet "nasal" phase tone or rotate the sweep to get that Mick Ronson, steady engaged wah sound. Whatever your preference, this unit does the trick. You can also get a slight overdrive sound by increasing the gain. The phase effect gradually wanes as the gain is increased.


  • Sturdy Hammond 1590BB enclosure.
  • Machined aluminum knobs.
  • Led Indication.
  • True Bypass - Fulltone 3PDT Switch.

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