VintageFX Colordrive


  • Volume
  • Bass
  • Treble
  • Gain



The ColorDrive pedal is a very close representation of the 1971 version of Colorsound's Overdrive pedal. There are numerous different sounds that can be achieved from a clean boost, to all out distortion.

Truly one of the best overdrive pedals I have ever played through; Individual Bass & Treble controls allow for a greater range of tone that can be achieved. This pedal really shines when cranked trough your tube amp. You have to hear this pedal to believe it.


  • Sturdy 1590BB style enclosure.
  • Machined aluminum knobs.
  • Super bright LED Indication.
  • True Bypass -3PDT switch.
  • Separate Bass & Treble controls.
  • 9vdc Boss style adapter jack.

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