Vintage 47 Preamp


Vintage 47

Vintage47 Instrument to Preamp Tube Signal Boosting Pedal. Adjustable up to 36db of signal boost, quiet 'almost invisible' low insertion loss. Does not color your tone like sound shaping boost pedals. Just like the pros, comp the sweet spot with the pedal out, engage the pedal to goose your lead riffs into even sweeter distortion. Point to point hand wired right here in the USA by Vintage47amps. Long life 9V battery included.

Weak Pickups? An affordable cure for weak and low output instrument pickups on any instrument or harp microphone and much more affordable than buying new hotter pickups.

Also note these other great Vint47 Boost applications :

  • Got an amp that just won't break up and get bluesy distortion? Feed any cold front ended preamp tube with the Vintage47amps Boost pedal and listen to it come alive!
  • Do you have one of those amps that has the sweet bluesy overdrive so far up the volume dial that the neighbors complain every time you practice? Use the Vint47 Boost to drive up your input signal, then back down the volume to a comfortable listening level with all the 'over the top' overdrive distortion without earplugs (36db is huge). Your wife and neighbors are going to love you for it!

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