Vintage 47


    Vintage47amps Inc is run by David Barnes (its founder) in Mesquite, Nevada, USA.

    Timeline (by David Barnes)

    • After working with electronics as a hobby for 35 plus years I started focusing on old octal preamp tube Valco Amplifier replications from the 1940's back in 2007.
    • The Lo-Fi low watt amplifier niche' became very popular and in just a few short years I had hundreds of amplifiers around the world and clients asking for Boost and Reverb effects for their Vintage47 amplifiers, so in 2008 I came up with the Vintage47 'Clean Boost'.
    • Later in 2008 I teamed with Tim at VanAmps to build the co-branded 'True Tank' Solemate Reverb pedals to match my Vintage47 cabinet covering finishes.

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