Vick Audio Red Fish OD


  • Gain
  • Volume
  • Bite
  • Cut


This is an open, uncompressed overdrive pedal.  The cut control in the circuit offers complete control of the treble response after the overdrive. The bite control works interactively with the gain control to vary the amount of overall gain and the entire spectrum that can be filtered with it.

With this pedal you can get anything from a clean boost to enough drive to make your amplifier sound amazing. The Red Fish Overdrive is specifically designed to retain the inherent tone of your amplifier and guitar.


  • 3PDT True Bypas sswitch and high-quality jacks
  • Environmentally conscious strip board construction
  • Uses 2.1 mm Boss style power jack, no internal 9Vbattery clip
  • Hand-wired, boutique quality, made in USA

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