Vick Audio Hybrid Delay


The Hybrid delay is a natural sounding digital/analog delay, with analog direct signal path feeding a digital delay chip.


  • The Mix knob controls the ratio of the clean guitar signal path to the echo.  Fully clockwise will give you the loudest delay and fully counter clockwise with give you the softest.
  • The delay control sets the delay time and is adjustable between 25ms and 450ms.
  • The repeat knob controls the number of repeats and can go from a single repeat to infinitely repeating.
  • Volume controls the overall volume of the mixed signal.


  • 3PDT True Bypass switch and high-quality jacks
  • Environmentally conscious strip board construction
  • Uses 2.1 mm Boss style power jack, no internal 9Vbattery clip
  • Hand-wired, boutique quality, made in USA

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