Vibesware GR-1 Guitar Resonator



The Guitar Resonator GR-1 is a new effect device for electric guitar feedback playing. It agitates one or multiple guitar strings by a magnetic field from a string driver mounted on a stand. It produces any string vibration feedback live on stage, in recording studios, and at home. It gives you powerful and reproducible feedback harmonics at any sound volume, even while playing through headphones. Unlike the Ebow, it can drive multiple strings and is not hand-held, so normal playing with both hands is possible. It works with every guitar that has steel strings and pickup(s). Even acoustic guitars with piezos can be applied. You don't need to modify your guitar, which is different to the Fernandes Sustainers. It has a strong magnetic field driving the strings because it's powered by an external supply. Feedback harmonics can be controlled by the playing technique and by phase switching. Optionally, harmonic modes can be controlled by a foot controller in a CryBaby-like enclosure.

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