Vibesware Music Electronics is owned by Markus Pahl and is located in Wedemark, Germany (near Hannover).

    Timeline (by Markus Pahl)

    • 2007-2008: Guitar Resonator prototyping
    • October 2007: Company founded
    • February 2008: Guitar Legend Uli Jon Roth starts playing the Guitar Resonator
    • March 2008: The first GR-1 Guitar Resonator has been presented at the Frankfurt Music Fair (Musikmesse).
    • April 2008: First recording studio applications
    • July 2008: Uli Jon Roth is playing the GR-1 live on Rock of Ages.
    • July/August 2008: First article in IZ Instrumentenbau Zeitschrift (a German magazine about musical instrument manufacturing)
    • September 2008: Uli Jon Roth released his new CD: Under a Dark Sky, it's the first CD recorded with the GR-1
    • February 2009: Saga released the new CD "The Human Condition", where Ian Crichton used the GR-1 on several tracks.
    • November 2009: Guitar Resonator GR-1 review in Recording Magazine (US)
    • September 2010: The new compact model GR-Junior has been released
    • October 2010 - May 2011: reviews in Guitar (Germany), Gitarre und Bass (Germany), Future Music (New York),
    • April 2011: The second generation of GR-1's including a foot controller and the GR-Junior have been presented at the Frankfurt Music Fair.
    • July 2001: All-in-one comprehensive review of GR-1 and GR-Junior in Sound On Sound (SOS) UK

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