VHT AV-EV1 Echo-Verb



The easy-to-use VHT Echo-Verb is the world’s only delay and reverb pedal with two completely independent sections. The delay section is completely analog, it features a Decay control that simulates a vintage tape echo machine’s high-frequency roll-off; the Decay control can adjust the repeats from crystal-clear to dark and mellow.

The reverb section is also completely independent, with Dwell, Tone and Mix controls. The reverb is digital (the only way possible in a compact pedal), but it's mixed in parallel with the analog signal path, so only the reverb effect itself is processed by digital circuitry. Each section has completely independent true-bypass switching.


  • Bucket Brigade Analog Delay (BBD)
  • Digital Reverb mixed with analog dry signal
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Power: 9V DC (External power source required)
  • Reverb:
    • Dwell
    • Tone
    • Mix
  • Delay:
    • Time
    • Repeat
    • Mix
    • Decay (High-Frequency roll-off)

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