VHrelief Andy's Hi Drive 666



Andy’s Drive 666 is a Hi-Gain version of AD66 and was developed for players seeking hard metal sound. Andy’s Drive is traditionaly manufactured from best quality analog semiconductor components used only in high quality studio devices. Their price is 10 times higher than ordinarily used components. In our drive are for example used high quality mica capacitors to take sound without unpleasant sharpens. Distorting circuit is manufactured in new, still unpublished engagagement, which is our intellectual property. In confrontation with known constructions, our effect is more dynamic, but sounds very natural. Our technology is placed in very robust chasis which is resistant to all rockers play… ;)

Device description:

  • Buttons in row from left side: Gain, Bass, Treble, Volume
  • White LED on left side-function VHRBypass
  • Red LED on right side-function ON
  • On right side-input
  • On left side-output
  • In the back-Voltage in

Technical data:

  • Input impedance 3,3 MO
  • Output impedance 600 O
  • Feeding: AC adaptor distributed with device 9V AC
  • Inside voltage on semiconductors +12V,-12V
  • Size: 160×132x62 (mm)
  • Weight: 0,85kg

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