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The initial goal of the Woodchipper is to cram the vintage Maestro Brassmaster circuit into a VFE size enclosure. This is no small challenge, as the all-discrete circuitry & audio transformer are not something normally found in small spaces. With a deft hand & an expensive military-spec transformer, we miniaturized the circuit without compromise and even added an extra control! The BOTTOM control blends a clean, low frequency part of the signal & infuses it into the fuzz section. This allows for over-the-top octave fuzz with a huge & punchy bottom end. This vintage bass octave fuzz just got one step better, while shrinking down on size!

BRASS: Controls the output volume of the octave fuzz

BASS: Controls the output volume of the clean signal

SENS: Controls the gain of the octave fuzz

BOTTOM: Controls the amount of clean bottom end of the octave fuzz

EQ: Controls the EQ of the octave fuzz

HARM: A type of tone bypass switch that doesn't completely bypass the EQ circuit. Switching this to the right adds volume and upper harmonics.

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