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This listing is for the new White Horse optical compressor pedal. This design is loosely based around the DOD 280A compressor but with many modifications and upgrades.

  • Internal charge pump converts 9V into about 30V for triple the internal headroom. You have to crank the gain & pull down the threshold level to minimum to add any distortion to this circuit. Has a HUGE output, more than any standard compressor or boost pedal.
  • The optical compressor circuit is designed to not changed the tone of the signal, adding transparent sustain to any guitar
  • THRESH HOLD control sets the level at which the compressor kicks in. Pull it back for less compression & more overall volume output.
  • BLEND control mixes between the compressed & uncompressed signal. Add back some natural attack to a squashed compression setting for the best of both world -- natural attack & sustain that last for days!
  • ATTACK & RELEASE controls for dialing in the feel of the compressor. Tighten up the pick attack with the ATTACK switch. Smooth out the compressor with the RELEASE control.
  • Three internal trimpots for pre- & post-gain, as well as another in the compressor section that affects the compression ratio & overall range of compression of the SUSTAIN control.
  • Built around a very expensive audiophile OP471 op amp. Out of all the single pedals I built, the White Horse is utilizes the most expensive parts, but it is worth it!
  • 1% metal film resistors, 5% film capacitors, and true mechanical bypass switching

All of this is housed in a small 2.4" x 4.4" enclosure. Can be powered by a 9V battery or a 9V Boss-style power supply. A battery snap is included, but the fit will be tight.


The White Horse is an optical compressor that doesn't seek to change your tone, like some compressors do. Rather, it gives transparent compression, from light dynamic control perfect for blues & jazz players, to loads of squash & miles of sustain. With controls for threshold, release time, sustain, level, and blend, plus dual internal trimpots for tweaking the gain/compression ratio, this compressor provides ample tweakability for taming your guitar.


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