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The VOMIT HOUND is a dual overdrive + distortion pedal that combines the core circuits from the Alpha Dog and Pale Horse into one unique dirt box. Each circuit has a dedicated drive control, and the blend control can dial in saturated distortion tones that retain the clarity of an overdrive. Choose from two barf-a-licous paint finishes, exclusively at Rogue Guitar Shop.


  • A DRIVE: Sets the gain of the Alpha Dog distortion circuit. This side offers thick, vintage distortion that is dynamic and responsive.

  • P DRIVE: Sets the gain of the Pale Horse overdrive circuit. This side offers smooth, transparent drive with better top-end clarity.

  • LEVEL: Sets the gain of the mix stage. The LEVEL control can add even more boost, which means the Vomit Hound can get really loud!

  • INTERNAL CONTROL: The internal COMP trimpot sets the compression of the mosfet clipping section in the Pale Horse.

  • FAT: This dual-gang control affects the low end response of both the Alpha Dog & Pale Horse sides simultaneously. It's like having the FAT control from the Alpha Dog & the LOW control from the Pale Horse in one knob!

  • FILTER: Controls the post-gain, post-mix treble response. Cut highs to smooth out the top end, or crank it for extra bite and grit.

  • MIX: Blends between the Pale Horse overdrive and Alpha Dog distortion circuits. Set to P to isolate the overdrive, and set to A to isolation the distortion. But the real magic of the Vomit Hound is when you blend the two circuits together, allowing you to dial in a saturated tone with improved clarity and dynamics.

  • TrueSoft Bypass: All VFE Pedals use true bypass relay switching combined with effect-side FET switching. This makes for pure and smooth switching that is rated for a longer lifetime than you.

  • DualMode Switching: DualMode is a unique VFE feature that lets you setup the footswitch for momentary operation (press & hold = on, release = off). To activate, wait 5 seconds and then press tap+tap+hold until LED flashes.

  • LED Brightness: Just because we can, there's an internal trimpot to set the LED brightness just the way you like it.

  • Carling Footswitch: The part that you step on shouldn't be made cheap. We use rugged, industrial grade Carling footswitches in all our pedals.

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