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"The Scream" is essentially a clone of the classic TS808 overdrive circuit with five extra controls to customize your tone. Whether you loved or hated the original, I believe you'll love "The Scream". The added FAT & FILTER controls expand the tonal possibilities of the circuit immensely, as you are no longer stuck with just the mid-hump tone of the original. Here's a breakdown of the features:

  • Only two modifications from TS808 specs: 3PDT true bypass footswitch & extended gain range (higher & lower)
  • Large controls are standard Drive, Tone, Level of the TS808
  • Added FAT control, which varies a pre-existing high pass filter in the drive section. Increasing this control reduces the bass cut, but reduces drive. Range: 65-720Hz
  • Added FILTER control, which varies a pre-existing low pass filter before the tone section. Increasing this control reduces the treble cut. Range: 650Hz-7.2kHz
  • Added MODE 3-way switch to toggle between symmetrical (TS808), clean boost, and asymmetrical (Boss SD-1) overdrives.
  • Internal FREQUENCY control sets the center frequency of the boost/cut from the TONE control. Ships at stock TS808 3.2kHz setting. The FAT, FILTER, TONE, and FREQUENCY controls allow you to dial in your tone for your guitar and your amp. You're not just stuck with the standard mid-hump of the stock TS808. Range: 1.2-7.2kHz
  • Internal SMOOTH control softens the compression & increases overall output by increasing the series resistance with the clipping diodes, as done in the Marshall Bluesbreaker / King of Tone. Ships at stock zero-resistance (hardest clipping) setting.
  • Original W20K potentiometer for TONE control
  • 5% carbon comp resistors in the signal path for those who swear by the vintage vibe
  • 1% metal film resitors elsewhere for tight tolerances & low noise, 5% metal film capacitors, and 2% silver solder for the purest signal flow
  • Switchcraft enclosed jacks
  • Water-clear green LED
  • JRC4558D op amp installed with gold plated socket

The pedal is hand-built and housed in a small 2.4" x 4.4" enclosure. Accepts standard Boss-style negative tip power supplies, from 9-18V. Also can be powered internally via 9V battery.

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