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This is the new "flagship" VFE Pedal, and I basically took everything I learned from building the Focus pedal to make a better mid booster. Compared to the Focus, the Standout offers more range, more precision, less noise, and is easier to use. If you haven't experienced what this type of mid booster can do in just about every situation (pre/post, clean/dirty, FX loop, pushing a fuzz pedal, after a resonant phaser, etc.) - you really need to check out the Standout.

  • HPF sets the cutoff frequency of the high pass filter (bass cut). A higher frequency setting results in a more aggressive bass cut.
  • LPF sets the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter (treble cut). A higher frequency setting results in a less treble cut.
  • LEVEL sets the gain of a clean, post-EQ boost circuit. Up to +20dB of clean boost is available through this control.
  • BLEND mixes between the dry and EQ signals. Use this control to adjust the overall intensity of the mid boost.
  • The 6dB / 12dB switch sets the slope of each filter. For example, setting the HPF at 400Hz in the 12dB position, the frequency response would be -12dB @ 400Hz, -24dB @ 200Hz, -36dB @ 100Hz, etc.
  • The "secret" center position of the toggle switch combines a 12dB/octave high pass filter with a 6dB/octave low pass filter.

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