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Based on the smooth EA Tremolo circuit, the Old School takes its smooth vintage tremolo to a whole new level. A fast/slow toggle switch greatly extends the range of speeds available, and the WAVE control transforms it from a smooth vintage tremolo to a choppier rhythmic tremolo. Finally, there is a switch to double the power for more headroom without needing a separate 18V power supply. Below is the breakdown of the controls:

  • SPEED: Controls the speed of the tremolo effect.
  • DEPTH: Controls the depth of the tremolo effect.
  • LEVEL: Controls the overall output of the Old School tremolo.
  • WAVE: This control transforms the tremolo from a vintage sine-wave tremolo to a choppy, modern square-wave style effect. Turning it clockwise makes the tremolo effect choppier, but also reduces headroom & adds some distortion. CRACKLE OKAY!
  • POWER: This switches between the normal power source (typically 9V, but can be powered up to 15V), and a charge pump that increase the internal voltage by more than double. The HI setting has more headroom & less distortion, especially when you turn the WAVE control clockwise.
  • RANGE: This controls the range of the the SPEED knob. The original circuit had a very limited speed range, and this control extends the range much wider, both faster & slower than you will ever need.

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