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The Mobius Strip is a unique delay pedal with two parallel paths. The time delay for each pathway are set independently by dual TIME controls and independent FEEDBACK controls. || means parallel mode. In this mode, the the two delays are fully independent from each other. So delay A repeats on regular time intervals - A, A, A, A, A...while delay B repeats on its own time intervals - B, B, B, B, B, etc. These are mixed together at equal volumes, and the overall delay volume is controlled by the MIX knob.

8 stands for Mobius mode. In this mode, the delays are still parallel, but the feedback crosses over from delay A to delay B, and vice versa. Just for an example, let's imagine delay A is set at a shorter delay time than delay B. So you would hear delay A first & then delay B. The feedback would criss-cross & then both delay lines would produce the same A+B repeat - the third repeat you would hear would actually be made by both delay lines. The feedback would criss-cross back the original delay line, and the process would repeat.

The Mobius mode criss-cross process basically creates a pattern of 3 repeats that have the same rhythmic pattern between them as they fade out. The parallel mode has a pattern of 2 repeats that are independent...which means the time interval between the pair of repeats will change as the delay fades out.

  • TIME: Controls the delay time of each of the parallel delay lines.
  • FB1 & FB2: Controls the amount of feedback coming out of each delay.
  • MIX: Sets the volume of the wet, delayed signal.
  • MODE: Selects between two feedback modes. || mode causes the feedback of each parallel delay to feedback indepedently. The 8 mode enables cross-feedback. FB1 feeds into the right delay line, and FB2 feeds into the left delay path.
  • INTERNAL CONTROL: The lone internal trimpot controls the brightness of the LED indicator light.

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