VFE Pedals Mini Mu


The first edition of the Mini Mu is a simple clone of the classic Mutron III envelope filter (aka autowah). A few extras have been added, namely a an active clean gain stage and an "in between" position on the range switch. With the included charge pump, this runs on +/-9V like the original without needing a special power supply or two batteries.

  • GAIN: Controls the pre-gain of the circuit, and affects how the circuit responds to the dynamics of the input signal.
  • PEAK: Controls the amount of resonant feedback in the filter.
  • LEVEL: Active gain stage sets the output volume - NO MORE VOLUME DROP!
  • DRIVE: Selects between a upward frequency sweep & a downward frequency sweep.
  • RANGE: Selects between a higher or lower frequency sweep range.
  • MODE: Selects, between high pass, band pass, and low pass modes.
  • INTERNAL CONTROL: The internal trimpot affects how the LDRs respond to the trigger circuit. This greatly affects the sweep & feel of the filter sweep.

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