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The Fiery Red Horse Junior is basically a modified Civil War BMP that is more dynamic & louder, tighter bass, and flatter mids.

Here's a breakdown of the controls:

  • LEVEL: Controls the volume of the pedal
  • SUSTAIN: Controls the gain/distortion of the fuzz
  • TONE: Clockwise increases treble, decreases bass. Counterclockwise increases bass, decreases treble

All VFE Pedals are made by hand 30 miles south of Seattle, WA with top quality components, including:

  • True bypass relay switching
  • Industrial-grade Carling switches
  • Alpha Potentiometers
  • 5% WIMA film capacitors
  • 1% metal film resistors
  • Neutrik audio jacks

All VFE Pedals coming out of our shop now have a beta version of our new Dual-Mode switching. I am calling it a beta version during the first 750 units while we get customer feedback. What is Dual-Mode switching? Dual-Mode switching allows you to use the pedal in Standard mode & Momentary mode. Standard mode is what the pedal defaults to - press the footswitch, and the effects changes states (off to on, or on to off). In Momentary mode, you must press & hold the footswitch to turn it on, and the effect turns off as soon as you release the footswitch. This allows for stutter/pulse effects or other creative uses. To switch between modes, you simply tap + tap + hold for >3 seconds the footswitch (there must be a "rest" of 3 seconds from the last press of the footswitch to work properly).

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