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Guitarists have long used tubescreamer-style overdrives as a clean mid boost by turning the gain down and cranking up the output. The FOCUS is the answer to the search for a better, more versatile mid boost pedal. Developed in collaboration with Adam "Nolly" Getgood from Periphery, the FOCUS employs variable bass and treble cut filters for control over top end grit and low frequency saturation, no matter how many strings your guitar has!


  • TIGHT: Sets the frequency roll off point of the variable bass cut. Turn counterclockwise to cut bass frequencies for a tighter bottom end. RANGE: 70Hz to 1.5kHz.

  • SMOOTH: Sets the frequency roll off point of the variable treble cut. Turn clockwise to cut treble frequencies for a smoother top end. RANGE: 320Hz to 7.2kHz.

  • LEVEL: Sets the gain of the output stage, up to 26dB of extra clean boost!

  • MIX: Blends between the dry signal (counterclockwise), and the EQ signal (clockwise). Use the blend to roll off the strength of the bass and treble cuts.

  • SLOPE: Toggles each band between a 1-pole and 2-pole cut filter. More poles = sharper frequency rolloff.

  • INTERNAL CONTROL: The internal MAKEUP trimpot sets the makeup gain of the dry signal path. This trimpot lets you set the relative volume of the EQ and dry signal paths, or you can use it to add even more clean boost to the dry signal path.

  • TrueSoft Bypass: All VFE Pedals use true bypass relay switching combined with effect-side FET switching. This makes for pure and smooth switching that is rated for a longer lifetime than you.

  • DualMode Switching: DualMode is a unique VFE feature that lets you setup the footswitch for momentary operation (press & hold = on, release = off). To activate, wait 5 seconds and then press tap+tap+hold until LED flashes.

  • LED Brightness: Just because we can, there's an internal trimpot to set the LED brightness just the way you like it.

  • Carling Footswitch: The part that you step on shouldn't be made cheap. We use rugged, industrial grade Carling footswitches in all our pedals.

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