VFE Pedals Enterprise



This circuit is a 4-stage phaser based on the script-era MXR Phase 90, but adds a lot of extra features, including my attempt to draw the USS Enterprise & my signature on the back side. Hand-built & hand-painted by me.


  • True bypass via 3PDT footswitch
  • 4-stage JFET phaser based on script-era MXR Phase 90 circuit
  • 1% metal film resistors & 5% film capacitors to retain your tone
  • Added DEPTH control to dial in the range of the phase sweep
  • Added MIX control to blend between the dry & wet signal (this is around a transistor circuit, so it will crackle a little when turned)
  • Added FEEDBACK control with both positive & negative feedback (positive = clockwise, negative = counterclockwise)
  • Added PHASE/VIBE switch -- in the VIBE position, the phase stages are not identical, producing an effect more like the Univibe
  • Added KILL/STUN/INVERT switch -- KILL = 4-stage phaser, STUN = 2-stage phaser (like the Phase 45), INVERT = inverted 3-stage phaser


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