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The circuit of the Distortion2 ("distortion squared") overdrive + distortion pedal combines three classic overdrive/distortion pedals that had only a few differences - gain range & clipping diodes. This pedal gives you the gain range of an overdrive and distortion, and allows you to select the type of clipping. I've also added a FILTER control to tame the high-end fizziness of those higher gain settings. The pedal may be powered internally by a 9V battery, or externally by the standard Boss-style negative tip 9 to 18V adapter.

Here's a breakdown of the features:

  • Combines the tones of three nearly-identical circuits (MXR Dist+, MXR Micro Amp, DOD 250 overdrive)
  • Added a FILTER control to roll of the high end to tame the fizziness of high gain settings. Clockwise = more highs, counterclockwise = less highs.
  • Standard GAIN knob controls the amount of gain in the circuit, and has enough range to go from overdrive to distortion.
  • Added a Lo/Hi fidelity switch. This switch is unique in that it allows the user to switch between two different op amps. Hi = audiophile OPA134 op amp, Lo = original lo-fidelity 741 op amp
  • Added a 3-way hard clipping switch. Choose between germanium (G), silicon (S), or 5mm red LEDs (L)
  • Added a 3 -way soft clipping switch. Choose between asymmetrical (A), 3mm red LEDs (R), and diode lift (L)
  • True bypass mechanical 3PDT footswitch.

The pedal is hand-built and housed in a small 2.4" x 4.4" enclosure. Accepts standard Boss-style negative tip 9-18V power supplies only. A battery snap is installed, but the fit is tight due to the small enclosure.

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