VFE Pedals Cocktail Fuzz


  • Tone
  • Blend
  • Level
  • Tone Boost (toggle)
  • S/L/A (toggle)


The Cocktail is an octave fuzz circuit that is for players that want a more aggressive sounding tone. It's not for everyone, but for those who can tame its brutal fuzz tone, there is simply no substitute. Includes a Tone Boost toggle switch for bypassing the tone control, a blend control to add in the clean signal, as well as a 3-way clipping switch for a wider array of tones.


It is a clone of the unique Fender Blender circuit, and it is capable of a wide array of tones. The tone boost switch bypasses the tone stack like the original, but in this particular pedal I put in a 3-way switch just for fun. The middle position has less overall output than the other two (there is plenty of volume on tap to make up for this), and rolls off more highs. I use high quality parts like 1% metal film resistors & 5% metal film capacitors, and each pedal is hand-built & hand-painted. Everything is housed inside a small 2.37" x 4.37" enclosure.

    SUSTAIN -- Controls the amount of gain in the circuit.

    TONE -- Simple & effective, clockwise cuts lows & boosts highs, counterclockwise cuts highs & boosts lows.

    LEVEL -- Controls the overall output of the fuzz circuit

    BLEND -- Turn counterclockwise to lower the internal voltage fed to the circuit. Lower voltage increases transistor clipping, but lowers overall volume, and creates lo-fi gated type of distortion. With the asymmetrical clipping setting, you use the POWER control to really mangle your guitar's tone!

    S-L-A -- This 3-way clipping switch toggles between standard germanium symmetrical clipping (S), asymmetrical silicon clipping (A), and 3mm red LEDs (L). 3mm red LED clipping provides a big volume boost, and more transistor clipping.

    TONE BOOST -- This 3-way switch switches the tone stack in & out. When the tone stack is out of the circuit, the pedal gets a big volume boost. I've added a middle position for this pedal, which is the quietest & darkest of the 3 positions.

The pedal is true bypass, and can be powered by a standard Boss-style negative-tip 9V power supply. A battery snap is installed, but the fit will be tight in this small enclosure.

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