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Swell pedal & optical compressor in one

Create ambient textures and unique effects with this combination envelope volume & compressor pedal. Choose from three speed modes for bowed guitar, reverse delay, and slow swell effects. Combine with the Blueprint or a reverb pedal for a taste of sonic heaven!


  • SUSTAIN: Controls the amount of gain in compressor circuit. More gain = longer sustain. The optical compressor is great for transparent dynamic control, but has a wide range, and can add a HUGE amount of sustain at max settings.
  • ATTACK: Controls the speed of the swell effect. Counterclockwise = faster swell, clockwise = slower swell.
  • LEVEL: Controls the overall output of the Bumblebee.
  • TRIGGER: In brief, this is a volume control for the trigger circuit. Setting this control right is fundamental to getting the swell circuit to work correctly. Setting it too high will result in the swell circuit never resetting & therefore no swell sound, and too low will cause the swell circuit to not trigger at all.
  • MIX: Mixes between the swell circuit and the compressor circuit. Fully clockwise = 100% compressor, fully counterclockwise = 100% swell. The compressor circuit is always “on”, as it feeds the swell circuit, allowing it to achieve long swells without the notes decaying too quickly.
  • S - F - M: This 3-way switch toggles between 3 speed ranges for the swell. S = Slow, F = Fast, M = Medium

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