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The Blueprint is essentially the delay side of the Echo Ohce pedal with some tweaks to the tone & an added dry level control. It is an analog-voiced delay based around the popular PT2399 delay chip. The delay range is between 40-580ms, though the very longest delay settings will add distortion & a little bit of clock noise. This is typical of the PT2399 delay chip. The analog filtering warms up the repeats much like an analog delay, yielding an array of ambient textures. Additionally, there is an LFO that modulates the delay time in time with the flashing LED. Here are a breakdown of the features:

  • Large Controls:
    • Time - controls the delay time. Range: about 40-580ms
    • Feedback - controls the number of repeats. Range: 1 repeat to infinite repeats (self-oscillation)
    • Wet - controls the volume of the delayed signal. Range: OFF to about a 3-6 dB boost
  • Small Controls:
    • Dry - controls the volume of the unaffected guitar signal. Range: OFF to about 3-6 dB boost
    • Depth - controls the depth of the modulation. Range: OFF to warbly, detuned delay
    • Speed - controls the speed of the modulation. Range: about 0.1 to 2 seconds
  • Internal Controls:
    • Waveform: controls the type of waveform (from trapezoid to sine wave). Stock setting: sine wave
    • Ramp: controls the center of the LFO sweep (ramp slowly up & quickly down, or vice versa). Stock
    • setting: symmetrical LFO

The pedal is hand-painted and housed in a small 2.4" x 4.4" enclosure. Accepts standard Boss-style negative tip power supplies, from 9-18V. Also can be powered internally via 9V battery.

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