VFE Pedals 5:00 Fuzz



A truly versatile fuzz pedal

The 5:00 Fuzz was designed to extend the tonal range of the original BMP. Includes a power control to simulate a dying battery, plus dual toggle switches for clipping & EQ frequency response. From a gritty overdrive to sputtering fuzz goodness, this fuzz has it all!


  • Sustain: Controls the amount of gain in the circuit. The type and amount of sustain and distortion generated is highly interactive with the POWER control, 3-way clipping switch, and the guitar's volume knob. Get a super-saturated fuzz tone or roll it back for more of a dark overdrive tone.
  • Tone: Simple & effective, clockwise cuts lows & boosts highs, counterclockwise cuts highs & boosts lows.
  • Level: Controls the overall output of the fuzz.
  • Power: Turn counterclockwise to lower the internal voltage fed to the circuit. Lower voltage increases transistor clipping, but lowers overall volume, and creates lo-fi gated type of distortion. With the asymmetrical clipping setting, you use the POWER control to really mangle your guitar's tone!
  • A-L-S: This 3-way clipping switch toggles between standard symmetrical clipping (S), single-sided germanium clipping (A), and 3mm red LEDs (L). 3mm red LED clipping provides a greater volume output, and lets the transistor clipping at lower power settings really shine through.
  • EQ: This 3-way switch toggles between the standard scooped mids tone section to flat mids to a mid hump that's great for cutting through the mix.

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