Vestax DWG-X1 Dynamic Filter


  • Mix
    Alternate between Effect (active) and Normal (Effective Off) to achieve the setting appropriate to your mix.
  • 5 Band EQ
    Alternating from a standard single peaking wah, to a scratch wah (great for Hip Hop), or a beat wah (suitable for Techno/House) is easy with the 5 band graphic EQ faders. The center click vertical fader controls allow you to find the center position quickly in light challenged environments whilst allowing you to control the Lo, Mid-Lo Mid, Mid-Hi, Hi frequency ranges accurately and easily.
  • Mode
    There are 3 auto mode settings on the DWG-X1 and 2 manual mode settings. The first auto setting ENV mode helps to create some intense sounds by adjusting the speed of modulation according to your input level with intensity reflecting the amount of effect applied by way of the Gate fader only. The Lfo mode lets you adjust the speed through both the Gate and Speed faders. Whereas the Down mode settings, though similar to the LFO mode settings, only applies to lower frequencies. The 2 manual settings, remote (use a pedal to create guitar like ambiance) and the horizontal manual control give you individual control over your effects bank(s).
  • Manual
    If you have no desire to use a remote pedal control, then this fader will give you the same level of individual control.



Whether you are looking for a great way to boost your mix during a live performance or during production in the studio, the wah effects found on the DWG-X1 are destined to help out.

Vestax has a proud history of producing high-end effects units and the DWG-X1 is no exception.

Through quickly accessible dials and faders you can control the mode of your effect, alter the effect mix setting accurately, set the effect speed and threshold or control the effect in real time manually.

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  • Phono input
    stereo (RIAA -45dBv; RCA)
  • Line input
    stereo (-10dBv; RCA)
  • CD input
    stereo (-4dBv; RCA)
  • phono-line-CD OUTPUT
    stereo (–10dBv; RCA)
  • Frequency Response
    30-20000 Hz +0/-3dB
  • S/N Ratio
  • Dimensions
    (WxHxD) 218 x 44 x 104 mm
  • Weight
    0,6 kg
  • Power Supply
    Vestax DC-15A
  • Accessories
    Rackmount frame 19"

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envelope-controlled envelope follower amplitude controlled low frequency oscillator lfo-controlled foot-controlled threadle wah rackmountable rackmount filter eq/excite/filter bandpass or lowpass filter? bp lp band pass low pass
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