Vermona RM-1 Ring Modulator


  • Gain
    controls the input gain
  • Drive
    controls the drive (?)
  • Env. On
    turns on the envelope follower
  • Intensity
    controls the intensity of the envelope follower or the CV input
  • LFO Speed
    controls the speed of the LFO
  • LFO Intensity
    controls the depth of the LFO
  • LFO Waveform
    selects a waveform for the LFO (4 waveforms)
  • Carrier Frequency
    controls the frequency of the ring modulation carrier
  • Carrier Waveform
    selects a waveform for the carrier (2 waveforms)
  • Mix (Direct-Ring)
    controls the mix between the direct signal and the ring modulation signal
  • Bypass
    bypasses the effect



The VERMONA RM-1 is an analog ring modulator with many controls and connecting features, built as a standalone device in a single rack space enclosure (1U).

A ring modulator outputs the sum and difference of the frequencies from two input signals.

If you feed a ring modulator with a 500Hz sine wave and a second sine wave with a frequency of 100Hz, at the output you will get a 400Hz sine wave (500Hz - 100Hz) and a 600Hz sinewave (500Hz + 100Hz). A ring modulator always needs two signals to work.

The RM-1 is equipped with an internal oscillator that generates a "carrier" signal. The waveshape of this oscillator can be smoothly faded from sine to triangle. The oscillator's frequency can be adjusted in a range from 0,5Hz up to 5kHz and can be modulated by three modulation sources simultaneously:

  • envelope follower
  • external control voltage or volume pedal
  • internal LFO

When connecting a control voltage with a 1V/octave characteristic, you can play it tuned in a three octave range. Alternatively, you can insert an external carrier signal to the RM-1.

The RM-1's LFO has a range of 0,05 Hz - 50 Hz. Its speed and intensity can be adjusted by two controls as well as by an external control voltage. It has four waveforms: triangle, square, positive and negative saw. The LFO signal can also be used to modulate other devices (i.e. DAF-1 or PH-16).

The RM-1 has an input on the front panel and one on the rear panel. On the rear panel you also find the CARRIER IN/OUT jack and numerous CV inputs and outputs. All CV inputs can also be used with volume pedals, because the RM-1 can produce the necessary conotrol voltage on its own.

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