Vermona Cross Filter


  • Cutoff Low
    controls the cutoff frequency of the lowpass filter
  • Resonance Low
    controls the resonance of the lowpass filter
  • Mode (Band/Notch)
    switches between bandpass (serial low- / highpass combination), notch (parallel low- / highpass combination)
  • Input (Line In/Phono)
    switches between line and phono inputs
  • Gain
    controls the volume
  • Trigger
    triggers the bypass function. It gives you the possibility to change between unfiltered original signal and filtered effect signal quickly.
  • Bypass
    switches between dry and wet signals
  • Resonance High
    controls the resonance of the highpass filter
  • Cutoff High
    controls the cutoff frequency of the highpass filter
  • (button left of fader)
  • (button right of fader)
  • (fader)
  • (button above fader)



Now the Action Filter II - DJ-based analog filter has a big brother - the Cross Filter - which comes in a handy desktop housing.

The Cross Filter (like the Action Filter II) is a live tool which won't bore you with pre-set effect algorithms, but invites you to play around and improvise.

We intentionally avoid uncreative programmability and "total recall" and concentrate on practical features and a clear user-interface.

The Cross FIlter can be used as a stereo notch or bandpass filter (each with a 24db/octave slope). The speciality of these filter types is that they have separate cut-off and resonance controllers for each flank, so the bandpass or notch range can be freely widened or narrowed. This flexibility is achieved by using combinations of individual low and highpass filters.

Additionally there's a third cut-off controller which influences both cut-off points, enabling you to move an adjusted band or notch through the whole frequency range.

The Cross Filter is also equipped with two trigger buttons and a fader for creating rhythmical effects. While the buttons allow you to switch between your direct and effected signal, the fader allows you to mix beween them smoothly.


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2014-07-079/10  amazing stereo filter with HP, LP, BP & Notch, built like a tank...

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