Vermona Action Filter II+



The Action Filter II plus features an analogue high- and low-pass-filter (24dB) per channel, each with a separate control for cut-off frequency and resonance. Combining these results in two modes: NOTCH for eliminating and BANDPASS for isolating a certain frequency range. The bypass has a trigger function for cutting in and out the filter effect. The character of the filters can be switched between a cleaner and a dirtier sound.

The Action Filter II plus provides line-inputs (RCA) as well as a phono-inputs for connecting it directly to a turntable.

The ACTION-FILTER is the definitive hands-on effect unit which begs to be played. We have designed the user interface to be as simple and logical as possible for quick access to all parameters.

The Action Filter II plus is also available in a limited edition with black front panel.

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