Vermona Action Filter II


  • Cutoff Low
    controls the cutoff frequency of the lowpass filter
  • Resonance Low
    controls the resonance of the lowpass filter
  • Mode (Band/Notch)
    switches between bandpass (serial low- / highpass combination), notch (parallel low- / highpass combination)
  • Input (Line In/Phono)
    switches between line and phono inputs
  • Gain
    controls the volume
  • Trigger
    triggers the bypass function. It gives you the possibility to change between unfiltered original signal and filtered effect signal quickly.
  • Bypass
    switches between dry and wet signals
  • Resonance High
    controls the resonance of the highpass filter
  • Cutoff High
    controls the cutoff frequency of the highpass filter



The newly redesigned Vermona Action-Filter II is a special tool for DJ's, musicians and remix producers. The basic structure of the Action-Filter II is similar to that of the DAF-1 Dual Analog Filter, but it is especially suitable for live situations with its easy and intuitive user interface.

There are two analog high/lowpass filters with a slope of 24dB/octave per channel. Each filter (FILTER LOW and FILTER HIGH) have individual controls for the cutoff frequency and resonance.

The Action-Filter II can be used in two modes: BAND and NOTCH. In BAND mode, the two filters work together as a bandpass filter (FILTER LOW is highpass and FILTER HIGH is lowpass). NOTCH mode is the exact opposite of BAND mode. FILTER LOW is lowpass and FILTER HIGH is highpass, resulting in a notch filter.

Unlike other bandpass or notch filters, you can set the width of the bandpass, the band-stop range, and also adjust different resonance levels for each cutoff frequency. A great number of effects can be created just by tweaking 4 controls.

To create rhythmic effects you can tap on the TRIGGER button which causes the sound to jump between the filtered and unfiltered audio signal.

The Action-Filter II is the definitive hands-on effects unit which begs to be played. Vermona has designed the user interface to be simple and logical with quick access to all parameters.

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