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Of all the pedals in my product line, this is by far my favorite pedal, and is the main pedal that I use, not to say that the others are anything less than exceptional. This pedal has attitude and style, especially for those SRV tones and blues and yet remains very versatile to suit many genres very well, it even makes solid state amps sound tube like.

Velvet Pedals are Officially Licenced by runoffgroove to build and sell all their cuircuits.

Here's what runoffgroove have to say about the pedal:

"There has always been much talk about the mystical hand-built amps that a particular man sells for around $10,000 each. Some claim these are the greatest amplifiers known to man, while others maintain it's all hype. The team doesn't know for sure, because neither of us can plunk down 10 Gs on an amp! We've heard the Line 6 digital models of the amps. One of us owns the Behringer unit that has another digital model of these amps. Between the two of us, we also have several recordings of these elusive amps.

There aren't many schematics available and those are subject to debate regarding their authenticity. Putting all that aside, we set out to distill the available information and come up with a circuit that was, at the very least, heavily influenced by the amps. We opted for the preamp section only, since the "precision power amp" is intended to be clean and not readily distort. We decided to omit that section for simplicity's sake.

We named our resulting circuit Umble. Looking closely, we can see what amounts to a few Fender-style gain stages and an odd looking Fender-style tone stack. There is nothing revolutionary about the cascaded gain stages, but the tone stack looks like it was mis-drawn. Maybe this was a "happy accident" by the designer, but this little variation from the Fender design has a larger impact on the sound and is perhaps key to the $10k sound. The controls become more effective and change the overall sound of the circuit in comparison to the standard Fender unit. One can also notice odd interactions of the three tones. In our research, we have read many accounts of the actual amps that back-up this effect."

Exclusive to the Velvet pedals Umble is the gain/boost feature. Many have complained in the past that the pedal although excellent sounding provided too much gain for an overdrive pedal even with the volume/gain knob turned almost all the way down, I happen to agree with them. In order to solve this without changing the actual original design of the pedal, the boys at runoffgrovve and I came up with a switchable low gain version. When the gain switch is off, you have a much cleaner fender like overdrive, that retains the character of the Umble in every way, and when it is on you have the standard Umble. This adds great versatility to the pedal, it can even be used as a solo boost.

This stunning pedal painted in a shiny cream finish is fully hand built, it is made of some of the highest quality components available in order to ensure tone excellence, very low noise if any and purity. The components used are as follows:

  • Panasonic and German Wima metal film capacitors (you will never see a ceramic capacitor in any of my builds)
  • Precision 1% tolerance 1/4 Watt resistors throughout
  • Alpha potentiometers with dust shields
  • Neutrick Input and Output Jacks
  • Heavy Duty 3PDT switch
  • Heavy duty 2PDT switch (Gain/Boost)
  • A clear Blue LED for that vintage touch
  • Red LED for gain/goost indicator
  • Non stranded wire throughout for optimal signal integrity and minimised crosstalk
  • Shielded cable where nescessary
  • Power Supply filtering built into the pedals cuircuitry (help cut out noise coming from a bad power source)
  • 100% True Bypass, no pop design (without this the Umble by nature is a real loud popper which can be very annoying when turning it on)

This pedal features an interactive tone stack just like the real thing, meaning that changing one setting changes the others. If you are willing to tweak and spend time finding your tone you will be greately rewarded, if on the other hand you're not willing, then please do not buy, as this pedal is not for you!

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