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If you are looking for that Marshall sound then look no further than the Velvet Thor. This is IMHO the very best Marshall in a pedal by far. Very tube like sound, excellent dynamics and cleans up superbly. A great pedal indeed, I use it all the time for that 80's hard rock stuff. This is a very popular runoffgroove design that comes with excellent reviews.

Velvet Pedals are Officially Licenced by to build and sell all their cuircuits.

Exclusive to the Velvet pedals Thor is the Bottom switch has been replaced with a potentiometer, so you can dial in as much bottom as you like. Many have complained in the past that the pedal although excellent sounding was way too bright when the bright switch is engaded, I happen to agree with them. In order to solve this without changing the actual original design of the pedal, I have tamed the bright switch down considerably making it very useable, still plenty of brigtness there but not over the top as it was originally.

This stunning pedal painted in a shiny black finish is fully hand built, it is made of some of the highest quality components available in order to ensure tone excellence, very low noise if any and purity. The components used are as follows:

  • Panasonic and German Wima metal film capacitors (you will never see a ceramic capacitor in any of my builds)
  • Precision 1% tolerance 1/4 Watt resistors throughout
  • Alpha potentiometers with dust shields
  • Neutrick Input and Output Jacks
  • Heavy Duty 3PDT switch
  • A clear Blue LED for that vintage touch
  • Non stranded wire throughout for optimal signal integrity and minimised crosstalk
  • Shielded cable where nescessary
  • 100% True Bypass, no pop design.

I personally sign each pedal on the bottom plate and provide the build date and the build number of the pedal, who knows maybe these pedals will gain a very good reputation and hold their value well, they certainly are of that quality regardless.

I stand by my pedals 100%, and I offer a lifetime warranty on all my pedals, ie if anything ever happens to the pedal under normal usage conditions ofcourse, send it back to me and I will repair it free of charge, you just pay the shipping back and forth.

The Thor differs slightly from the picture, it has had a minor facelift, it looks even better now. Pictures to be uploaded soon.

The Velvet Thor is endorsed by Carlos E.Perez

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