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Are you looking for that true Boutique professional overdrive tone, then look no further than the Velvet Minotaur, it is heavily inspired by the Klon Centaur, infact it sounds exactly like the Klon Centaur. Put this pedal next to a Centaur and do a blind test and you won't be able to tell them apart. This is a pedal that will never leave my pedalboard, it is a world class booster (IMHO the best booster available) and complements/pushes/overdrives my tube amps like no other pedal out there, extremely transparent, it becomes one with the amp and everything after it except fuzz type pedals due to it's buffer which again sounds exactly like the Centaur buffer. This pedal is quickly becoming a best seller, they really are becoming quite popular.

For those looking to sell their original/s and need a replacement, the Minotaur fits the bill perfectly. I have had many clients do this with complete success.

This stunning pedal, powder coated in a shinny bronze finish (it is hand painted, if you look close enough you will see imperfections in random areas, I have had no complaints on any pedals thus far) is fully hand built, it is made of some of the highest quality components available in order to ensure tone excellence, very low noise if any and purity. Rest assured that as far as Centaur soundalike pedals go, this one is by far the closest to it, the Minotaur may even surpass the original in certain areas due to it's much higher quality parts. We are talking world class here.

I have left the buffer of this pedal intact, it is an excellent buffer. All of my pedals are true bypass but on this one I left the buffer in place even though it is a very simple matter to make the pedal true bypass. The only downside to this buffer is that fuzz type pedals sound wrong when placed after it, excatly the same with the Centaur. A simple remedy is to place your fuzz type pedal/s before the Minotaur and all are ok. Also when you have a True byspassed Klon Clone and compare it side by side with a buffered one there is a slight but noticeable drop in tone on the True Bypassed one. This is the reason I believe that Mr. Klon went for a buffered Centaur instead, knowing full well that otherwise tone loss would be had. So to keep the buffer is to get the best possible tone out of the pedal.

No matter how much I love this pedal, I would never, ever pay the crazy prices that Centaurs go for on ebay. I would never pay that much for any pedal. I am a professional pedal builder and a giging guitarist, I have been playing guitar since I was 8 and now I am almost 40, I know tone like the back of my hand, but then again tone is a very personal matter, nevertheless I do not settle for second best when it comes to my personal taste in sound and I constantly strive for that ultimate tone. I would like nothing more than to share great tone with you through my pedals.

The Velvet Minotaur is endorsed by Carlos E.Perez and Robinson Sartorius

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