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If your looking for that Zen Tone, then look no further than the Velvet Katana. This pedal is heavily inspired by the forementioned infamous overdrive pedal which is heralded as one of the best overdrives of all time. The Katana fits right into the D*mble in a pedal category like a glove. Rest assured that this pedal sounds exactly like the Zen and it is a great pedal.

This stunning pedal powder coated in a shiny white finish (The new look Katana)  is fully hand built, it is made of some of the highest quality components available in order to ensure tone excellence, very low noise if any and purity.

  • 100% True Bypass, no pop design.
  • Works with a 9 Volt power supply or a battery
  • Lifetime Warranty

I personally sign each pedal on the bottom plate and provide the build date and the build number of the pedal, who knows maybe these pedals will gain a very good reputation and hold their value well, they certainly are of that quality regardless.

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