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Whether you're a tone purist who doesn't use effects pedals, or the captain of a three-board spaceship, there's something missing from your rig you might not even be aware of.

Putting a good boost pedal in front of your rig not only offers you a great gain / volume boost for solos, or when you need to be louder; it also adds zing and pleasant top-end sparkle to your tone. Good boost pedals have high-impedance inputs which keeps your pickups' magnetic field where it should be. Even at 0, engaging a decent boost improves your tone in a subtle but beautiful way.

The Little Horn from

The Little Horn Guitar Boost PedalWe've taken inspiration from the best, and brought you the Little Horn. It gets released next week, and it might be the simplest way to improve your tone. Put this pedal before your pre-amp (whether that's your amp's gain section, or any overdrive or distortion pedals you may have) and you'll notice a beautiful, transparent boost which really brings out the best in your existing tone - or after your pre amp (in an effects loop or after your OD/Dist pedals) to get the same tone, but louder. Up to 24dB of boost is squeezed into this little beauty.

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