Vein-Tap Dark Triad - Overdrive/Distortion



How sweet can your tone can really get?

The simple answer is that, until you've got the Dark Triad Overdrive / Distortion pedal on your board, it could be a little sweeter. The Dark Triad is the new one-stop drive and dirt tone factory from, featuring a three-band EQ (Bass, Mids and Treble can be individually tweaked for hours of custom tone fun), a three-position diode clipping switch to change the nature of the drive, and a sexy hellfire paint finish.

With a gain stack that can go from subtle clean boost all the way to terrifying modern metal, with sweet blues tube-like saturation and massive, warm rock distortion tones in between, the Dark Triad is the drive pedal you've always needed. It's also brilliantly affordable, currently running a special pre-order discount running until the release date of April 24 (less than three weeks away).

But I've already got drive pedals...

...But they won't be able to dial in your ideal drive tone the way the Dark Triad can. From EQ-at-midnight transparency, to single-coil fattening bass boost, to cranked-mids modern metal, this pedal literally can do any drive tone from clean boost to raging modern metal - and do it well. Click the link at the end of this email to listen to the tone demo video and we'll prove it to you.

It'll tear your green overdrive box to shreds. We literally guarantee you'll love it - or you can return it to us, no questions asked, for a full refund. It's even got a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee. Safe as houses!

True custom drive tones from one sexy pedal

With a three-band EQ which allows you to choose exactly how much bass, middle and treble to individually add or remove, and a three-position toggle switch to decide how much - if any - diode clipping to add, the Dark Triad really is a wonderfully versatile overdrive and distortion pedal.

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