Vectra Maestro FZ-1A Fuzz-Tone



If you're looking for a classic '60s-'70s sound, this pedal is the right choice. Great classic fuzz tone character for blues rock and jazz.

This handmade boutique pedal is a Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-1A fuzz pedal clone. This box made its world debut on the Stones' "Satisfaction" in 1965 and revolutionized guitar tone. Dirty, distorted guitar sounds pretty much started in 1962 with the Maestro Fuzz-Tone. Used to record the single (I cant get no) satisfaction by the Rolling Stones, the FZ-1 was the first distortion effect (Fuzztone) on a hit record.

Features hard-to-find germanium transistors, and a design that's faithful to the original.

This pedal is electronically the same as the original, but the price is only a fracture of that. This clone has the exact same component values as the original, no any added features/modifications, but used better quality of components than the original.

This circuit is the most famous among all of the historical fuzz pedals. With its sound capabilities, huge amounts of fuzz, tons of sustain and it's ability to control the amount of fuzz with the guitars volume (dynamic sensitive distortion/fuzz response). Since this pedal doesn’t use any low pass filters, unlike many others, it keeps unchanged your guitar’s original tone! Suits well with Gibson’s humbucker type guitars, since it doesn’t cut higher frequencies.

The pedal is equipped with 3 carefully handpicked, measured/matched & auditioned Germanium Transistors to create the exact tone character and breakup of the original units.

The added feature over the original old units are the better selected transistors and higher quality components, so in lot of cases this unit has better sound response than the original pedals, according to customer’s opinions.

Features / Specifications:

  • 3 carefully selected Germanium transistors (selected by gain, leakage, noise and sound character)
  • Positive grounding for the original vintage tone – not affect the other instruments, pedals, because it do not have external supply connection (like in the original pedals)
  • 1pc of 1.5V AA heavy duty battery included – very low current consumption, no LED, no need for external supply which can modify the original sound character (like in the original pedals)
  • ¼” (6,3mm) Jack input on the left – that switches on the circuit if the input jack is plugged in
  • ¼” (6,3mm) Jack output on the right
  • Left knob is the Volume
  • Right knob is the Attack – the amount of fuzz&dirt
  • 3PDT foot switch for true bypass switching , so it won’t modify/cut your guitar tone
  • Metal-film capacitors for better clarity & less noise
  • EMI shielded metal-box (not aluminium) – filters out the external EMI noise
  • Very compact size LxWxH: 4.57”x2.36”x1.93”(116mm x 60mm x 49mm)
  • Unique, only 30-40 pcs exist worldwide, handmade only upon a request, only a few left.
  • Heavy duty painting & printing against wearing

Where to find one?

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