VauxFlores Number 24


The VauxFlores Number 24 – A high-gain, three-transistor fuzz designed to utilize components common to San José, Costa Rica. Looking for a compact effect capable of going from a slight buzz to full-blown insanity with the turn of a knob? Look no further, this one’s for you.

Originally introduced in early 2012, the 24 boasts a variety of features, including:

  • Individual transistor bias control for maximum versatility, ranging from a mild overdrive to bit-reduced chainsaw madness.
  • Tone switch providing two separate tone paths, making this box equally suited for guitar, as well as bass, tuba, alpenhorn and amplified whale bones.
  • Voltage control for those into sputtering weirdness and energy conservation.
  • Artwork derived from data-bent imagery and audio signals, including sounds produced by the 24 itself – so in a way, this pedal had a hand in generating it’s own artwork.

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