VauxFlores Gold Standard


Introducing the newest addition to the VauxFlores family of devices tailored for the adventurous, creative and brave sonic champions among us – the Gold Standard. Produced in collaboration with composer, violist, and visual artist Liz Meredith, the Gold Standard is a stripped-down, blown-out, gated “racing-fuzz” based off our very own Number 24, but adapted for those that crave high-octane spontaneity with just a pinch of soul. This particular number, housed in a decorative gold enclosure accenting artwork derived from an original graphic score prepared special to be played using this pedal (meaning for all you shoe gaze experimenters out there, you don’t even need to look up from your pedal to check your charts) is a true pleasure to behold, conjuring a symphony of resonant buzz saws backed by a choir of bees in SATB formation. Colorful language aside, it’s pretty killer – totally wooly, but responsive, gated yet able to really carry a note and harmonically rich while equally destructive. As a bonus, it feeds back when you pull your volume knob back and in certain situations the tone control acts as a fairly decent resonant filter. I can’t guarantee that this box is for everyone, but for those willing to take a plunge into a fairly versatile sound-palate with a familiar interface, what’s there to lose?

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