Van Weelden Royal Overdrive


Van Weelden (April 2013)

About 4 years ago we got a request to design an overdrive pedal that would sound great on both low and hi volume levels and here is the result:... the Royal Overdrive!

The Royal Overdrive is a top quality hand built, very versatile, solid state distortion pedal with awesome harmonics and dynamics. It’s an original design that meets our quality standards and it’s not just a copy of any another pedal already out there with just 1 extra knob or switch. We needed more than 400 parts to get to this result. You probably won’t believe that this is a solid state unit. This baby is extremely "amp friendly!" We’ve tested it on several amps like a Super lead 100W, Gibson LAB7, Crate combo, Twin reverb, hotrod deluxe and the results were all amazing. So, with this baby you’ll no longer need an amp that is pedal friendly!! (We will record some clips with different amps for the new website) One of the key ingredients of this pedal is that in lead mode you can still hear what type of guitar you are playing and that it really feels like a tube amp! The attack and headroom are unbelievable! You can set your amp to a perfect clean sound and when the pedal is engaged you can use the wide selection of level and tone controls to make your lead tone, even with single coils. With this baby there’s no need to put your amp on 10 to make a great lead sound!

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