V8V Buzz U Round


  • Sustain
  • Balance
  • Timbre



This pedal uses three orignal NOS NKT213 transistors as in the classic '60s Buzzaround.

The V8V Buzzaround uses a special circuit technique to make it a little less gated than other Buzzaround clones.

All NKTs are tested for gain, leakage and NOISE - This is one quiet germanium pedal!

  • Tag strip construction and very high quality parts.
  • True Bypass.
  • 9V Battery supply only.
  • Hand made in England!


The V8V tribute to the king of 1960's fuzz pedals, the Buzzaround from the Baldwin-Burns company.

The V8V Buzz U Round is faithful to the original, using a trio of Newmarket NKT Germanium transistors to capture the unmistakable high-octane sound of this classic fuzz pedal.

In addition to using hand-selected germanium transistors, graded for gain, leakage *and* noise, the V8V Buzz U Round has a few extra tweeks which give it a more open sound than many other Buzz replicas.

It's also properly biased, which is something that can't be said for many other Buzzaround clones, which use a random assortment of transistors whilst keeping the original circuit values and expecting everything to work properly!

Built on a professional double-sided ground plane PCB, for ultimate low-noise operation, and housed in the Pedalenclosures YY case, this is a very special pedal.

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