U-Sound Shark Fuzz



Another pedal made for bass players. The circuit of this fuzz effect is based on "Fish Fuzz" and has OC75 germanium transistors inside (while "Fish Fuzz" is stuffed with AC128). Certain modifications were made exclusively for bassists and the result is a range of tones from a light crispy crunch to a SU-34 jet roar. Besides the good old "Volume" and "Fuzz" controls the pedal features the "Shape" knob (band filter used for emhasizing the mids in the signal spectre). This feature is switchable. The other fine knob is "Boost" which helps you to achive that big beefy sound. The pedal gets powered by either a 9V battery or a stabilized adapter. True bypass.


  • Volume - output level
  • Shape (knob) - band filter control
  • Shape (switch) - the "Shape" feature on/off switch
  • Fuzz - distortion level
  • Freak - "Boost" feature on/off switch

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