U-Sound SB Super Bass - JFET overdrive



The "Super Bass"pedal is a great Bass Guitar pedal that may be used as a booster to enhance and adjust the signal frequency, as well as a Heavyweight Tone - from easy drive to a very serious distortion. The "Super Bass" pedal gathered on field-effect transistors, has a very dense sound, approximate to a valve. Besides the Bass Guitar application, it is also great for Guitar as it adds clarity, depth and definition to your Guitar Tone! The "Super Bass" pedal is powered from a stabilized power supply or from a replacement 9volt battery. As with all U-Sound pedals, this is a passive (cold) True Bypass pedal.

  • Dimensions: 115x90x40 mm
  • Weight: 450 gr.


  • Volume - Adjusts the output level
  • Bass - Adjusts Bass
  • Treble - Adjusts Treble
  • Gain - Adjusts the level of distortion
  • FAT - Rise mid-range with a simultaneous increase in sensitivity

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